Saturday, January 18, 2014

January is National "Thank You" Month

Merci, grazie, danke, gracias, thank you! No matter how you say thank you...January is the Nationally recognized thank you month.

I grew up being taught the basic courtesies of saying please and thank you and am so pleased to find out that there is a designated month set aside to remind us the importance of being thankful. 

January is also the month of new beginnings. So...what if each of us started a new tradition that kept us being mindful of being  thankful this month and all year long? As one of my new beginnings I am going to send at least one thank you card to a family member/friend, etc, every month to let them know that I appreciate them for something they have done for me.

Here are some additional ideas to help you remember the things that you are thankful for:

  • Do something nice for someone to let them know how much you appreciate them.
  • Remember to thank those you may have just met. 
  • Write someone a thank you note, or send an email telling them you are thankful for something they did for you
  • Do something nice for someone else - kind of like a "pay-it-forward" project
  • Make a thankful journal and write one thing, or more per day that you are thankful for
Here is a copy of my thank you card that I will be sending to someone for the month of January.

This finished card measures 4X4. I used Blue Lagoon and Butter Cream card stock, Morning Mist and Black Licorice Ink, Script background stamp, # 112 Thank You Artist Trading Stamp (ATS) and Spellbinders Petite Labels One and Sprigs Die and Journey Twine
If you would like to order any of these projects, please contact me at:
stampinlynn at
Thank You for taking the time to stop by today and take a look at my project. I appreciate you!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fun Stampers Journey - Quarterly Meeting

January 4, 2014
I love our Fun Stampers Journey Quarterly Meetings. It's my time to get together with some amazing Journey Coaches, whom are all dear friends. Now that I have moved to Phoenix, AZ I don't get to see them as much, so I really cherish these gathering times.

The day started with all of us gathering together at Mimi's Cafe for breakfast with the President of Fun Stampers Journey, Richard Garay and his beautiful wife, Gabby Garay

 After breakfast we went to our meeting location just a few blocks away and got started on our projects. We created these 4 beautiful cards using the New Hostess Stamp Set which can be earned (FREE) with a qualifying FSJ show. This Prim Holiday set is just perfect for my liking and if it's to your liking...asking me how you can receive it FREE! You will notice that each of the card layouts are the same. The only thing changed on each card is the background stamp, greeting and the Prim Holiday stamp used.
I love this stamp set
You can earn it FREE - Just contact me to find out how!
(picture via Rose Curtis)

We had 4 AMAZING organized trades - Spring Card, Gift Bag, 6X6 recipe card layout, 2014 Calendar layout. I will share pictures of these projects in another post.

During the business part of our meeting, Richard shared exciting news with all of us.

Fun Stampers Journey has just partnered with Spellbinders and I can't be more excited!!! Stacey Caron (President) and Greg Tipsord (CEO)  from Spellbinders attended our meeting and shared their inspirational stories with us.

Greg Tipsord is now the CEO and Stacey Caron is the Vice President of Fun Stampers Journey.

Richard and Greg shared their vision for the future of FSJ and boy our Journey is going to get even more exciting!

Fun Stampers Journey Crew
Gabby Hernandez (manager financial services), Lynn Leusch (Journey Coach training manager), Gabby Garay (director of programs, Richard Garay (president), Stacey Caron (vice president), Greg Tipsord (CEO), Rose Curtis (manager of product development)

 The day is coming to a close, so I will close this post by saying that I am excited, thrilled and honored to be a part of Fun Stampers Journey. Our future is bright! If you would like to travel the journey with me, please contact me.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still More Catching Up! Whoo Hoo! I Was The Guest Presenter for Spellbinders Try It Tuesday - December 10th, 2013

On December 10th, 2013 I had the special honor and privilege of being the guest presenter for Spellbinders Try It Tuesday.  I was co-hosted with the lovely Terre Fry (Spellbinders).

The theme was - ATC's

Follow the link below for the Spreecast video:

Note: One of my goals is to learn how to post the video directly into my blog posts, but for now, please use the above link.

These are ATC size cards presented and demonstrated in the Try-It-Tuesday video
They are 3 1/2 " X  2 1/2"
This size card is referred to as a HUG
(more HUGS for you in the future)
 This was such a great experiecne and I am so thankful for the opportunity! If you watch the video, please leave a comment.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Special Date With My Honey

With such busy schedules, I know it's important to take special moments with those you love.

My honey Rick, and I went on a special movie and dinner date to The AMC Dine-In Theatre in Phoenix. These are super duper cool! When we arrived we ordered our dinner meal from a nice selection of food choices. When it was delivered to us we ate it while we watched the movie, Hunger Games - Catching Fire. BTW, that movie was really good.

December 7, 2013
Rick and I at the Dine-In movie theatre before everyone else arrived

The food was really yummy!
If you have a chance to go to a dine-in movie theatre, I encourage you to jump at the chance. It was a fun experience.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Visit From My Family

I sadly have not posted in way to long and have a lot of catching up to do. In the next few posts I will attempt to catch up on some exciting things that have happened in my life, both personally and creatively.

Since my husband and I moved to Phoenix AZ a little over 6 months ago I have missed not being able to see my family as much. I was not going to be able to spend Thanksgiving with them and was excited that my youngest son was going to be visiting me for a few days right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was so very surprised when both of my sons visited me along with my brother in-love. We spent a couple of super great days together, going to Sedona, AZ and the Phoenix Zoo (November 23 - 25, 2013).

Our Day at the Zoo
The Phoenix Zoo is beautiful. If you ever get a chance to's definitely a go to place.
Nate, Me, Rick, Dave, Will
Will, Me and Nate
Majestic Eagle
Giraffes are so beautiful!

I didn't get many pictures - The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, though - Guess I will have to share some Sedona pictures from another (future) trip

Nate and Will at Sedona Village

My Boys Sedona and The Zoo

The 2 1/2 days I spent with my boys are some of the most memorable days ever. I love that they are best friends. I am truly Blessed!!!

More catch up days in tomorrow's post.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

6 X 6 Scrapbook Page Layouts

I certainly have a lot to learn about the blogging world. I need to figure out how to align things better, so until then, please forgive this posts layout. The other thing I REALLY need to work on is consistency. It has been way to long since my last post. I have been busy and have a lot of great and fun projects to share with I will work on both of these areas in the next few posts.

As a Fun Stampers Journey Coach I have the opportunity and privilege to participate in our quarterly meeting. One of the exciting things we get to do is participate in organized trades.

In our last meeting one of the trades was a 6 X 6 Scrapbook Page. The only requirements were to create a Thanksgiving themed page using Fun Stampers Journey Stamps.

Here are the pages from this trade:

Creator not available at this time

Creator not available at this time

Kim Lamos

Anita Ramirez
Juli Wiley

Maribell Herbert


Creators name not available

Misty Grosse

My Trade - Each leaf is a placement holder for a picture
Spellbinder Border is a pocket for the tags

My handsome two boys on the left and right tags
My beautiful DIL and grand-daughter in the center

I have placed all of my scrapbook pages into this  album holder
my husband made for me